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February 8, 2020 - 

 An excellent knowledgeable company with expert staff who are helpful and terrific problem solvers . George has been amazing in his expertise, patience and efficiency! In my 30 years of owning my business, POS SOS LLC is by far the best resource for computer solutions! Kristins Frey/owner, The
UPS Store 590 Centerville RD Lancaster PA 17601. 

Kris Frey

Kutztown FOE

December 31, 2019 - 

 Great company! From their sales reps to technical support! Top notch! 

Marcie DeMatteo

Luck Dog

October 22, 2019 -  

I don't know too many people in the restaurant business that aren't as cynical and suspect as I am. I'm always worried whether I'm getting the most for my money, always comparing vendors and other suppliers. I think it's in our DNA.

POS SOS is one of the few companies that I have become comfortable enough with that I don't feel that angst anymore. It didn't happen overnight but after many conversations with the owners and the technicians I have come to realize that I'm getting a good return on the dollar.

Most times when I call I get to talk to someone right away. If not, I usually get a call back with in 5 minutes. Mike and George are very good at deciphering my "non-tech speak" into something they can use to address the issue and are willing to come out to my restaurant if need be.

I've even come to the point that if Al tells me there's something new that will help my business, I'll ACTUALLY pay attention as he explains what ever it is to me, and how it will benefit my business. I've come to appreciate his knowledge of loss control and payment systems.

Solid company & solid staff!

George Robb

today's Pizza

 November 13, 2019 - Great service! We can count on them anytime! Thank you Al and team for your support, and for helping us make an easy transition into our new business. 

Mildred Roman


 November 12, 2019 - 

This company is the best around for many reason, very professional and friendly staff, on top for any emergency quick respond end always resolved problems , highly recommend 



November 12, 2019 -  

Highly recommend our friends over at POS SOS LLC! We have a great experience with them every time. Thank you very much Al and team for your support. 

Mildred Roman

Red Rooster PizzAria

January 22, 2020

 A great company to have for POS system! And they always answer the phone with any questions a owner or manager needs help with! They get it solved ASAP! 

Kendra Richards

DiMarias Mt Joy

December 12, 2019

Best product and an amazing team! Thanks always

Giuseppe Buffa


December 7, 2019

Great quality product, service and people.  Definitely recommend for all your POS system needs. 

Kylie Jean, Marchello

Newport Legion

February 12, 2020

We had Cristy come and train with us yesterday! Super great, very helpful, and she was very patient with all of us. I would recommend her to anyone!

 Amber Lynne

Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel

February 22, 2020

Great service!!  Mike and the team go out of their way to make sure we are always up and running here at the Fredericksburg Eagle Hotel.  We always know if there's a problem the are just a phone call away.  Al's okay too!!

Jenny Roth


Jersey Shore American Legion

December 18, 2019 

Pos sos. Has been very helpful with our business They’re just one call away with the answer when I need help. I’d recommend them to any business 

Melanie Rauch

roma pizza

 November 3, 2019 - 

Am very satisfied with the company Good staff and they know what they doing and reasonable price and family owned. 

Vito Randazzo

venice pizza

 November 17, 2019 -

 From start to finish we felt comfortable and reassured that we were making the right choice! Great customer service and super easy to work with! 

Amanda Stanford

Randazzos Pizza

November 8, 2019 -  

Great Company very friendly and helpful staff highly recommend to anyone who is in the market for point of sale system 

Joey Randazzo

Son's Ice Cream

November 3, 2019 -  

We have been with POS SOS for 15 years now and use them at 2 different stores next year we’ll be adding a 3rd store and will use them as well. It’s a no brainer choosing POS SOS. Thank you Al and your team for the many years of great service. 

Scott Mencer

Kutztown Rod & Gun

October 23, 2019 -  

The private club that I am involved with has been working with these GREAT people since 2013 and we have always been happy with the service and support they give us. The system is very user friendly and they have always been there to help if we have big or small problems and/or questions.If you are a private club with small games, the game tracker system is also a plus. Thanks POS SOS. Any business or organization that is looking for a new system or to change their current system I recommend giving them a call. 

Patti Christman

Site Content

Todays Pizza & Mamma Rita Italian Restaurant

October 2018 -

Thanks to all of you guys for working together to get this done. This is by far the best and easiest user friendly set up we have had.  - Tony

Smart Power 

November 2, 2018-

Hi Mike,Just short note to express our gratitude for POS SOS continued support of our technology and products. We appreciate the recent UPS purchase through Metropolitan Sales, our longtime partner and distribution outlet. Thank you, Vincent DeMaio Technical Sales Support & Training   

American Legion Post 429 Ephrata PA

March 13, 2016 -

 I am the Commander of our post and would like to take the opportunity to express our complete satisfaction with our POS S.O.S system. Since this system was installed, our bookkeeping, merchandise, inventory, bar and restaurant services have become greatly streamlined and more efficient. This has led to greater customer satisfaction. Any time we had a service question or software correction we asked for, the POS service personnel were only a phone call away and solved any situation benefiting us greatly. Any corrections or new legal policies that had to be indicated were brought to our attention and greatly appreciated. Al and his team are the best and we couldn't asked for a better system and service. Thanks again. David L. Dreibelbis, all the Board Members and the employees of the Ephrata American Legion. 

Dermot Woods, Takeout 7

October 2018

This is Dermot Woods, client relationship manager at TakeOut7. Would like to take a moment to thank Al, Mike, Tammy and George, all the A-Team at POS S.O.S. it's an absolute pleasure to serve you! So glad we all connected!  

November 2018

Thank YOU so very much! You are wonderful people and I love the spirit of family you and all of the restaurants you work with have!  I am so grateful to have been invited and get an opportunity to meet with everyone.  God bless, until next time! The Dermonator,  Takeout 7

Toast Killer

Thank you to Venice Pizza in Malvern PA for killing Toast!  Click below to watch the video.  Thanks for being a great sport!

DJ's Taste of the 50s

  October 2018 -

 Hi Al & Mike - Thank you so much for joining the cornhole tournament!! Hope you had fun...cuz that is what it is all about!!  Thank you again and wear these shirts proudly! --DJ and Crew  

  April 27, 2019 - 

Thank you POS SOS. You all are the best!!  

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